understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember your Higher Mental Body which stands between your physical body and your God-Self, is your Discriminating Intelligence. Your Higher Mental Body will not longer release Its Energy, if you are going to use it destructively. The only energy which is used destructively, is what mankind has already accumulated from the past.


You might say to Me:  “Why does mankind continue to do that?”  Because the Energy which is All-powerful, is charged into the feeling world. Sometimes it is what the people have accumulated from previous destructive activities; and they can only continue, while the energy already accumulated lasts. When it is gone, they cannot gather any more.

That is what is the matter with people today, who have been powerful and energetic and they collapse. They think, what has happened to Me? What has become of This Power, I was once able to use to bless others and myself?

There have been so many Christian Science practitioners who have come to the Messengers in secret, saying those very words:  “What has happened to me? I have been a practitioner for years, but what has happened now? I don’t seem to be able to do the same things, I once did!”

This is the Explanation. Precious People, they were using mental power and did not know it! When they exhausted their reservoir of energy which had already been drawn forth, they did not know how to release more!

No one can release It without this exact Ascended Master Knowledge of the “I AM Presence” – except in a fragmentary manner.

Once the Energy which was gathered about them is gone, without the Call to the “I AM Presence”; you cannot replace it in this embodiment.”

The Great Divine Director

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