understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“At this point, let Me assure you first, the Most Magnificent Activity We have ever seen on the face of This Earth, has been thru these Mighty Decrees, issued by these Beloved Students all over America. I want you to know how very great they are and how powerful!

You can believe it or not, but I tell you, your Panama Canal would not exist today; if it had not been for the Call of the Students thru these Decrees! Your Eastern Coast from Philadelphia to Maine, would not have been there today, but for the Call which has enabled Us to govern the energy and activity in the gas belts. It is the same on the Western Coast of your Beloved California.

In San Francisco, when the Messengers were there, a great earth-quake was scheduled to come forth. This Beloved Messenger went there, not telling even the Staff, the danger from the human standpoint which they were going into; but having Full Confidence in the Call to the Presence that it would be governed, and it was! Then, still people will continue their inharmony.

The Release and Activity of the Goddess of Liberty and Myself today, together with Saint Germain and the Other Ascended Masters who are assisting, give you the Full Feeling of the Importance of This Great Light; and the Importance of your own Decrees for the Freedom, Health, Blessing and Supply of everything which you require.

Think of it! human Beings are living in ill health, limitations of every description, when the Greatest Intelligence in the Universe is beating their Hearts. They are in those conditions, because they have forgotten the Presence was there.

Dear People, if you will understand, not in your head, but in your feeling that your Presence is there; and it will answer your Call with Its Resistless Power and Intelligence, there is not one thing, you can ask, which will not be yours, if it be Constructive.”

The Great Divine Director

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