understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Behold the Chart with Me, for just a moment! saint germain God presence chartThe Stream of Light and Energy comes from your “I AM Presence”, the Source of your Life! When you call to That Great Intelligence and Presence with intense feeling, It floods your mind and body with Its Invincible Stream of Light; which is Self-luminous Intelligent Substance, Energy and Activity.

If your thought and feeling were still enough, Free enough from the feeling of discord, your Call would sweep every discord out of your body and out of your feeling world that instant; because the Light IS All-powerful! It knows no resistance nor interference; and when you call It forth into action, It proceeds with the Power of the Universe to fulfill your Requirement.

Won’t you feel It and let It come forth and do Its Mighty Work for you at your every Call!

We don’t want you to go on, and on, not having the Results you should have! We want you to have them NOW! There is nothing in the world, but your own feeling which can stand between you and the Complete Fulfillment of your Call right then and there.

Won’t you feel that, Precious Ones tonight, and let Us give you the Strength and Courage to help, which will enable you to go forth tomorrow Victorious in everything thru your Call to the Presence?

Your “I AM Presence” is the Power of the Universe and will fill you and your world with Its Directing Intelligence.

Say:  “Beloved ‘Mighty I AM Presence’! see that I never make another mistake! See that Your Mighty Directing Intelligence takes command of my mind, body and feeling; and directs me unerringly in the Perfect Thing I Should do!”  to have the Greatest Release from your “Mighty Presence.”

Your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” cannot fail you!”

The Great Divine Director

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