understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Beloved Students, who have been in This Activity two or three years:  Do you not sometimes when you are thinking or calling to your Presence, still feel a sort of vagueness about it? You don’t always feel quite sure of yourself, do you? That is because you have allowed your attention to be divided between the appearance world and with your “I AM Presence”.

You must be able, as in the Mighty Decree given by the Messenger in the opening of the Class, to say to the appearance world, which is but human creation: “You have no power to longer touch or act within my world.”

Be firm and determined! You will repel first, all discord which tries to come into your world; then by the Power of your Call to the Presence, to use the Violet Consuming Flame, you will keep dissolved everything which attempts to find discordant expression in your world.



We see, Oh We see so clearly, the struggle of some of the Blessed Ones; and their Hearts are so good. Yet because their feeling does not follow their attention in the application, they do not have the Full Results in the control of their human feeling.

I cannot tell you tonight in so many words, how My Heart goes out to you. I can see the struggle you are having and the unhappiness which comes out of it. Don’t let it do it! Say to all human feeling:  “Be silent! Stop this nonsense! I will have no more of it!”  Then, you will find how quickly the human will subside within you.

It must be done, Dear Ones, sometime, somewhere! So let Us do it now! Go forward into That Great Victory which your Application will bring.”

The Great Divine Director

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