understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So will you watch it just within yourselves – not in others.


Just take yourselves in command and see how you can best and most quickly utilize the Powers of the Presence which you are calling forth; and hold your outer in an Absolutely Immovable Focus, until the accomplishment is complete.

As you train yourself to do these simple things, it becomes the Most Marvelous Thing in your Life. Now that does not require any great effort so to speak; but just a Great Calm Determination to do it.

Try it, Dear Ones, and see how Great the Blessing is which will be yours.

I wish to thank every one present and at various points all over America; for the assistance in releasing the Power from the physical octave, which has enabled Us to accomplish These Wonderful Things. Then, may I ask you to do the same thing within the Individual?

Now These Achievements have been accomplished, do not let down! Watch It! Do not allow your outer self to let down or feel:  “Now that is accomplished, we can ease up.”

You know what the outer self does – it wants to rest. It does not need it! Say to it:   “Now go right on!”   Give praise and thanks for This Accomplishment and say:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’ sweep in and accomplish the next thing with your Infinite Power.”

Feel your Great Joy and Enthusiasm in the next Accomplishment. Oh, Dear Ones, it is so wonderful! It is so tremendous! Once you understand what is being accomplished.

We have Faith in you, in every “I AM” Student in America! Will you not, in Our faith in you, stand as One Great Pillar of Light, each one of you to all the others and have all that is required?

My Love and Blessings enfold you, each one, always, and I say to those who have come so great a distance:  Whatever We can do to add to your Freedom, your Supply, your Happiness, shall be done!

I thank you.”

The Great Divine Director

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