understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I might offer this suggestion to you and to all the Students and Group Leaders throughout America:   If you will stand by firmly in your Call; and ask the “I AM Presence”, to reach out Its Hands and bring the earnest sincere people, who are seeking This Light, into the Classes, into your Groups and keep out all others; you will find you will gain a Momentum; and the Selective Intelligence of the Higher Mental Body of each one, will actually reach out Its Hands and by the Power of Attraction, draw to These Classes and the Groups, the earnest sincere people who really want the Light;

those who do not feel antagonistic; and are willing to put aside their own pre-conceived ideas, at least, to find out whether they care for This Understanding.

Recently, We have observed that particular activity among the Groups and the students everywhere. Where it has been adhered to closely, the attendance has expanded much more rapidly, than if there be a feeling within the Group Leader or Individuals, they have to do something outwardly to get the attention of the people.

There are two activities and perhaps the Radio is the greatest power of getting the attention of the people, than any other thing. The reason for that is this:   with the Transcriptions and Mrs. Ballard’s Work over the Radio, when the people are listening to the Radio, they are wholly quiet and in their own atmosphere. There is nothing to distract the attention from the words to which they are listening.

Now, Beloved Ones, I am not criticizing the students of the Classes; but let Me just remind you, when someone walks into the room, you know how quick the attention goes to that Individual, until he or she sits down and is quiet. Notice, how easily things in the room or a movement will take your attention.

I ask you for your own blessing to pay no attention to who comes in or goes out; but hold your attention upon what is being given!

If you will train yourselves to do it, you will sometimes grasp points which you pass over in that moment, which would be of Infinite Blessings to you.

I ask you to watch it. Because of old habit, the moment there is an unusual movement somewhere, the attention wants to go there; and unless you hold it in a firm grasp, it will do it.

The safe way on the point of concentration, as the Messenger once said to you in the Class, is when you have before you a point of Achievement, you want to hold all your forces concentrated and focused upon it. You cannot afford to let outer activity draw your attention here and there, if you want to have Quick Accomplishment.

As you hold your attention steady, it holds your forces in its one direction. Then, hold it steady there, until the Power surges in, and all of a sudden like that (wave of hand), it bursts thru and the Accomplishment is complete.

That is the power of your outer co-operation, in calling the Great Powers of the Presence forth, to any given requirement. As you watch and train yourselves to do these things, you can have so much quicker results in anything, which you call forth into action.”

The Great Divine Director

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