understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, it is not My Intent to talk to you further than to acquaint you with this; because of what the Power of your attention does. Dear Precious People, your attention is the Most Powerful Thing.

Once you can realize the Fullness of what you can do by the Power of your attention, there will not be one thing in the world which will retard, interfere with or bind you any longer.

Your attention upon the “I AM Presence” is the Release of Infinite Power for every single Requirement of yours or whatever you might wish to do for others.

In My Closing Words, I want to assure you today, there have been released into this room, perhaps the Most Powerful Healing Currents in any of the Classes. There are so many calling forth to This Class for Assistance from all over America, that We are releasing this intentionally.

Now will you be kind enough by the Power of your attention, to direct These Currents of Energy to anyone whom you know to be worthy; or to whom you want to give assistance, so they may have the Help? It is a wonderful Opportunity.

Also while I have this opportunity, I wish to thank the People of Boston, who have come here for the first time, who have accepted; and who have already received such a Great Blessing.

I assure, each one, that it is just the beginning of the Freedom and Blessings, which you can have and call forth into your world.”

The Great Divine Director

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