understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students of Boston and all who are here from other parts of America, I wish you to know today, for your great strength and encouragement; that Three Great Achievements have been accomplished thus far, during this Class. One concerning your City of Boston, and two concerning your Beloved America, Our Beloved America.

They are Achievements which We could scarcely have hoped for, when this Class began. The Law does not permit Me to give you a detailed Explanation of this at the present, but whatever It does, you shall have It.

It is best at the present that no further outer attention be given to It, except to know of the Great Achievement.

We have been trying for almost eight months, to bring about certain conditions, which to some degree had to come from the release of the feeling within the students, which would enable Us to do this; for remember, in all We do for America and yourselves, We must have a certain amount of your FEELING or Out-pouring of Adoration and Gratitude to accomplish It.

Try to be at Peace, all of you, concerning the number of Students here. The number is not so important. While it is always appreciated by Us, yet it is the volume of the Power of Divine Love, Gratitude and Acceptance RELEASED, which enables the Work to be done.

It is why We have not said This to you in just so many words, but I shall do it now:  “There is a very Great Reason for your 100% Groups and that is the feeling which you release there. I ask the Individuals who are members of those 100% Groups; do you not have a different feeling within you, in entering the 100% Groups, than you do in what is termed an ordinary Group?  Do you not feel a more Sacred Power and Greater Firmness in your feelings than otherwise?  If you have not noticed It, I ask you to watch It; because that is the case, as We have observed.”

Whatever We call forth from you thru the feeling, the Most Divine, the Most Sacred Feeling of the Power of Achievement, gives you the Greatest Power; not only in your Assistance to America, but to your own Individual world.

It is why every earnest sincere student should watch. I do not mean this from an outer standpoint; but analyze just what feeling is operating in you, occasionally; so you may hold it in obedience to the greatest extent, for the Requirements of the Presence.

You have no idea, Beloved Ones, how old momentum, unknown to you in the outer at the present, acts subtly in your feeling world.

That is why the Guard is always needed, every night and morning. At night before you retire, and in the morning when you awaken, call the Presence to set That Guard into action, in and over your feeling world.

As you do It, you will find Tremendous Assistance given.

Our rejoicing is so great, in being able to accomplish these things, for These Three Points Accomplished are eternally sustained. I thank you for your willingness, not to be curious to know all about It.

Do you know, Dear Hearts, and because this is so remarkable, I must mention it to you:  when I referred to this, there was no curiosity went forth from anyone! That I consider an amazing achievement within you! You rested in what I said. Thank you with all My Heart.

Once you understand It you will rejoice. It is magnificent, for it shows a poise gained within you of Self-control, Precious Ones. Never lose it! I congratulate you!”

The Great Divine Director

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