understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let Me just for a moment, call your attention to the need of the World today. In every civilization which has ever been, the same thing has occurred over, and over and over again – always ending in the destruction of the civilization; by this same element which is called communism and the strike agitators in the world.

Their destruction drives in and stirs mankind up to where it has no Governing Intelligence; and the destruction becomes so great in the world, that people destroy themselves; and those who do not destroy themselves are destroyed by each other! Look at the Orient today! Look in Spain! Dear People, if you saw all actually taking place there today, you would not care to look the second time.

Why have We come from Our Great Cosmic Activities, to try to help mankind understand the need of today? Because America is the “Cup of Light” to the World; and to prevent this destruction coming into your America.

Dear People, unless enough of mankind make This Call to the Presence, that same thing will sweep your America!

As you may know, if you care to observe today, the destructive element is unparalleled in the Orient; for no quarter is given men, women or children of any kind. Everything is destroyed, before the onrush of its destructive power.

That is what We are trying to prevent coming into your Blessed America! Why do We give This Assistance to America?

Because America must be the “Cup of Light”, for the World, if it is to exist! Because in a previous time It was the “Cup of Light”! It has come again into a Cycle where It must be the “Cup of Light” now; or the World will not survive!

Dear Ones, the proof is before anyone of mankind who cares to look!”

The Great Divine Director

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