understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear People, no such Thing was ever known in the history of the World, as This Opportunity which stands before you today! Now understand We are wholly unconcerned who believes or who does not! We present The Law to mankind!

All may use It, if they will! If they won’t, they will continue on in their limitation and distress; but the Opportunity is here, to call forth This Law into action and be Free; from everything that distresses you in any manner whatsoever!

It does not mean you can just say:  “Now here ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ You can do this”, then you run along and do anything you please!

It means you are compelled to give obedience to This Great Presence and the Light, which is; first, Harmony in your feeling; then call Its Powers into action; then cease the old human habits, which have charged your world with discord and imperfection!

That means – now hold tight to your chairs – Dear Hearts: all destructive habits must cease from your Life! It means the sex activity must cease, which is not for pro-creation of your kind! It means tobacco must go in all its forms! It means all intoxicants must go in all their forms! It means all dope must cease from the Earth forever!

It means that every human Being who listens to agitation of any kind, whether it be communism or whether it be the unions, is depriving that one of Freedom!”

The Great Divine Director

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