understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, I must offer a Word to you, tonight, concerning that Magnificent Being, the Ascended Master, Saint Germain, who has brought to you This Magnificent Understanding.

Remember, Saint Germain said to Me in the beginning, He would try This out and I said to Him:  “Do you think you can find some strong enough in the outer world of mankind, to stand against what will be forced and focused at them, if they undertake to spread This Light?”   He said:  “I think I can.”

Then, the Beloved Nada and Lanto, Who is in charge of the Retreat at the Royal Teton, were the Only Ones who stood with Beloved Saint Germain, in His Feeling It could be done!

Saint Germain knew, because he had looked into the Life Stream of the Messengers, who were once His Children; and saw that with their obedience, It could be done. It has been done, thanks to His Wondrous Presence!

Dear People, out of the humble efforts of the Messengers, more than three hundred thousand people in America and the World, today, are having their Freedom, in three short years! This is what I want you to understand, if you will.

No matter what your mistakes have been, there is not a thing which cannot be remedied, if you will call on the Law of Forgiveness!  Call your “I AM Presence” into action, to dissolve and consume every discordant thing!  Then you can have your Freedom!  You do not longer have to live in the limitations and mistakes you have made in the past.

Remember to observe the Chart!  You see there represented, the Tube of Light and the Violet Consuming Flame. No human Being on This Earth, can be Free from his or her own human creations; unless each one will call his or her own God Presence to establish the Tube of Light about that one! 

saint germain God presence chart

Then call the Violet Consuming Flame within It, to pass from the feet up thru the physical body; and that one’s mental and feeling world – like a great blowtorch, which gives you the feeling and sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT!

It will dissolve and consume every discordant thing which has ever been drawn about you.




Every Individual can do This, who will. It is how Mr. and Mrs. Ballard, the Messengers, have been enabled to carry This Activity forward; because they move within That Tube of Light.

Twice a day, they use the Violet Consuming Flame to keep every discordant thing dissolved, which had ever been accumulated thru their activities and embodiments.

Whether you believe it or not, you have lived hundreds and perhaps thousands of embodiments similar to this. If that startles you, I would just rest in it awhile. It is True!

Suppose you have lived thousands of embodiments, similar to this. Necessarily the mistakes may have been many and great.


Then think of the Mercy of the Great Law, the Light of God, the “Mighty I AM Presence” – which has provided a Means, by which in a few weeks or months, you can dissolve and consume the cause of every discordant thing, which has ever been accumulated about you thru the centuries!”

The Great Divine Director

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