understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Because you have made mistakes, is no reason you should longer live in them! It is quite within your own choice! You can be Free, if you will! If you believe what I say, you can be Free in no time! If you will not believe It, then you will have to go on in your limitations!

One day, Beloved Ones, you will realize We do not talk to hear Ourselves. We are far beyond exploitation; but We Love mankind with a Love which the human cannot yet understand; because We see the Light within mankind expanding to the Power and Point, where the people can be given This Unlimited Assistance which We are offering, and they shall have It!

When I have come into these Classes, seeing the need of mankind and the Service I could render; seeing, feeling, and hearing the Call of those Beloved Students throughout America, It would melt a Heart of stone. Sometimes in the secret of their own chamber, such a Call goes out from their Hearts, It would melt a stone.

Then do you think for one moment, I would not respond to that and give the Assistance those Blessed Beings require; to set them Free, as quickly as possible, from all they have accumulated throughout the centuries?

Don’t make any mistake!  I am no dis-embodied spirit speaking! “I AM” a Cosmic Being, Who knows no limitation!  I wield Power which with a Wave of My Hand could lift this building and cause it to float in the air!  That is what it means, in My coming to render This Assistance to mankind!  Let whoever wants to, believe it or not, as they like!

One day, not so far distant, Beloved Ones, you will begin to see the Power of the Infinite Light; manifested upon Earth once again, as It did eight hundred thousand years ago!

Human Beings in there human sense of time, have so limited themselves in believing all there is in existence, is within the scope of the human vision! If it were, it would be a travesty upon the Activity of the Universe.

You, who might be here for the first time, be kind enough to take one of those Charts, either in the book or the single Chart and hold It before yourself every night before you retire! Speak to the “I AM Presence”, represented in the Chart, which beats your Heart!

saint germain God presence chart

Continue with kindliness and earnest desire, to have and know the Truth; and tell me in six months, if you do not have the Proof within yourself of what That Presence is to you?

This is a Law and an Understanding which every human Being can prove to himself of herself, if each one will.

If people do not want to, it is quite their own affair, but We are calling to the people of Earth, who want to be Free; who will set aside all human concepts of what they suppose might be, and enter into This Stream of Light; call the Presence into action and have the Proof within themselves – the ONLY THING which amounts to anything is God, the “Mighty I AM Presence”!

It is their Instantaneous Freedom from the mistakes of the human creation of the Earth! It is within the reach of every one in This Understanding!”

The Great Divine Director

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