understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved people, I plead with you, do not accept for one single moment more, there is such a thing as death in this Universe. There never was and never will be! What seems to be so, is but the change of form.

When the body is cast aside, the Energy which comes thru the top of your head and anchors within your Heart, simply disconnects and withdraws into the Higher Mental Body of the Individual, who is reasonably constructive.

Between your human form and your God-Self, your “Mighty I AM”, is your Higher Mental Body – a Form just as Tangible in Its Own Octave, as your flesh body is here.

It is your Discriminating Selective Intelligence which acts with the Power of the Presence! It knows the Perfection which the Presence is, and knows the imperfection which you have drawn about you, but will not accept it into Its own World.

When you call to your Presence, the Great Law and Power of the Universe, is set into action to fulfill your command, your Decree, and It cannot fail! It is impossible!

If it seems to, it is only because your human doubts and fears have rushed in, with such power they have carried their qualities into your feeling and out into your world to produce more of their kind.

It is why We say to you, if you will harmonize your feeling and maintain Harmony; then call your “I AM Presence” into action; there is not a thing in the world, It will not produce for you – not one thing!

There is no Power to resist your Presence in the World. All the human Beings in the World, have no Power against your Presence! All the limitations in your world have no Power, except the Power which you give them thru your attention!

Will you believe that and set about at once, to set yourselves Free in the Acknowledgement of your Presence?”

The Great Divine Director

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