understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We have gone thru the experiences of mankind.  My Experience of course was a long time ago. Beloved Saint Germain and Those who have more recently made the Ascension – for instance the Children, Bob, Rex, Nada and Pearl, have been able to set themselves Free!

The Beloved Master, Jesus, left the Example to mankind, but who believed It? Who was willing to try to fulfill It?

Yet, He said: “All these Things I have done, ye shall do!”

Beloved Ones, why is Saint Germain the One today, who was chosen by the Great Cosmic Light, to bring forth This Activity?  Because the Seventh Ray, under which He is acting, compels Him to be the One to bring forth the Freedom of mankind!

America being the “Crystal Cup” which is the Freedom of the Earth, compels America to be the Focal Point of That Freedom for the World.

It is not a matter of anyone’s choice. It is a Law, a Great Cosmic Law, which has made Saint Germain the Active Individual for Our Freedom. It is the Cosmic Law which has made America, the “Cup” to release the Light of the future!

Think of it, in India, where so Great a Light has been among a few; yet the great mass of people in India, are bound far worse than you are. Why?

Because the teaching which has come forth in the past, has taught the people of India meditation; in which hundreds and thousands of them sit down in a posture; and release themselves from the body and go out into Samadhi. They do go into that Exquisite Realm or Octave of Light; but what good is it doing?

The need, today, is to bring Our Perfection down into the human octave – where mankind has created the discord; and to produce Perfection here!

Unless mankind understands the “I AM Presence”, there is no hope of ever bringing That Perfection in Its Fullness into the physical octave, where It is required to set mankind Free.

It is why, today, there is no Knowledge in the whole world, which can do for mankind what the Understanding of this “Mighty I AM Presence” can do for you!

I say to you as the Messengers have said time, and time again:   “Whether you ever heard of the Messengers again or not; if you will give your attention to your own God Presence, the ‘Mighty I AM’, and harmoniously abide within It; by the very Power of your attention to It, you would not need anyone in the world to tell you the Power of Life; or how to bring your own God Presence forth into action! It is the ONLY WAY mankind is to be Free in this World!”

Today, the Greatness, the Power, with which you can set yourself Free in This Acknowledgment, is unparalleled in the history of the Earth; and I say this, as One who knows; One who has followed civilization after civilization thru centuries without number!”

The Great Divine Director

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