understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You, thru discord have closed the door, by giving power to the appearance world; which has not one ounce of power, so far as you or your world are concerned, except what is given it.  How do you do it?

By your attention upon the appearance of limitations, which feeds your Life into it, to come back and limit you. Without your energy it could not touch your world; because it has to come into your world by your Stream of Life and Energy, which goes out thru the Power of your attention!

Beloved Ones, remember, you have three faculties within your Being, each one of which is All-powerful! Your Attention; your Visualization, which is your physical eye-sight; and your Power of Qualification!

That which is invisible to you, is the thing which plays the greatest havoc in your world, and it is your power of qualification; because everything which comes into your world, must come THRU YOU into your world of activity. If your feeling is discordant, then it will carry whatever that discord is, into your world and produce of its kind.

These are the things which mankind has not understood and the people have gone on, and on and on, feeding discord thru their feeling. All the time their discord was being carried thru this Mighty Current of Energy out into their worlds; producing discord, chaos, limitations and failure.

I tell you, Dear Ones, no person on the face of this Earth, who once becomes aware of the “I AM Presence”, which beats each Heart; who will give It sincere, earnest attention and call Its Powers into action, will ever find himself or herself in need of anything.

Individuals will have Omnipresent in their worlds for use, everything their Hearts desire, and there is no exception to It!”

The Great Divine Director

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