understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students of America! Great is your Privilege! Imperative is the need of your Call to God, your “Mighty I AM Presence”; to release Its Power into the activity of the physical world, to give the Assistance to mankind which is necessary today.

The world, as you commonly use the term, is “on the spot” – before the Great Cosmic Light! It will not tolerate longer mankind’s tardiness, let us call it, in giving forth the assistance which is required today.

If you have not known it before, you shall tonight! There is no destructive force in the Earth or anywhere else which is not caused by human Beings! The only place where the destructive force exists is upon your Earth and its atmosphere; which is known as the psychic or astral world!

Make no mistake about it; in the psychic or astral world, which is but discordant human creation, there is no good thing; and there are no gradations of that octave of vibratory action!

Everything of a destructive nature which is generated by mankind, is held within that octave from the surface of the Earth up to approximately seven thousand feet. It is known as the astral or psychic world; in which humanity is compelled to move all the time unless – observe the Chart – unless mankind will understand the “I AM Presence”, the Individualized Presence of God; and call It into action to form about the outer self the Tube of Light, which can be made Invincible to all surrounding discord.

saint germain God presence chart

As Individuals call the Presence to do this, they will find themselves enveloped in a Tube of Invincible Protection; in which they can move among mankind, untouched by discord.

Students everywhere throughout America, who have been earnest and sincere and called the Presence into action to produce the Tube of Light, have had Its Results!

Mrs. Ballard and This Good Messenger have been compelled to call That into action in order to survive; and they have gone forth expanding the Activity of the Light, untouched by the discord of the outer world.

So you too, Beloved Ones, if you will call the Presence to formulate This Tube of Light about you, can do the same thing. It is part of yourself! Observe the Chart!

Again, that Stream of Light and Energy is you! When you call the Presence into action, to formulate This Tube of Light about you, the Higher Mental Body takes the Radiance from your Call up to the Presence, which forms the Tube of Light and establishes It about you as definitely as a wall of steel.

Remember, That Light which comes from your Presence is Self-Luminous, Intelligent Substance; from which everything in human form came forth or ever will come.

Your experience in human forms, is but your Life clothed in the more condensed discord of human feeling; thru which That Mighty Light and Energy is trying to expand Perfection.

Remember, the greater density, is caused by the discord which has generated in your feelings. Discord is the only thing which makes density of form.

Once you free yourselves and your feeling world, which is as far as your hands extend around you – sometimes farther – from every discord and hold your world Harmonious; you will find the Powers of the Presence flowing thru; and Perfection will reign in your world!

Then, the Limitless Presence and Supply of everything you need for your use, will come forth with the ease of breathing.


It is the Natural Law of your Being!”

The Great Divine Director

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