understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let Me assure you, Beloved Ones, your Attention is so Powerful! Remind yourselves every morning, when you awake:  “Now what my attentions is on I become! Where my attention is , there I am!”

Then you won’t want to let your attention be on destructive or limiting things; because you know you become what you contemplate.

Every moment you attention is on gossip, criticism or condemnation, you are becoming that yourself! You may be ever so innocent of any feeling;  but if you begin to revolve or discuss criticism, condemnation, judgement, hatred, anger, jealousy and all those things; you are charging them into your world, which you will have to experience to some degree!

This is why the Power of your Attention is the most Gigantic Thing in the use of mankind today!

Your Power of Qualification and your physical eyesight, your vision, have a triple activity, which if governed constructively, will fill your world quickly with Perfection of every description! It is why in This Explanation today, I take the opportunity again to remind you of these things.

Don’t think any one of you escapes! That is why I want to use this opportunity, to say to the Groups in Seattle, you waste your time; if you allow yourselves to criticize, condemn or judge anyone, any person, place or condition!

You are not harming any other person; but you are harming yourselves, by filling your worlds with the quality upon which your attention rests. You cannot avoid it!

So don’t be foolish, Dear Ones! You should be thinking about yourselves. You cannot harm anyone else, but you do harm yourselves more than you will ever know; by a continuation of any of those activities – criticism or gossip!”

The Great Divine Director

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