understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of Seattle, sometime ago you will remember, because of the Out-pouring of the Great Cosmic Light to mankind, I was able to set aside the action of time and space. In other words, dissolve and consume for you and all of the Students of the “I AM” throughout America – one-third of their own human creation. If you understood this, it would give every one Infinite Joy, Courage, and Strength!

Now, I have an added Joy to relate to you today. Since the twenty-first of July, when the recent Great Release of the Cosmic Light struck the Earth; I have been able to dissolve and consume another one-third of your own human creation for you!

That means two-thirds of your own human accumulation of the centuries, including the present – has been dissolved and consumed for you! That is how Great Our Love is for you!

It means every sincere “I AM” Student in America and the World; for many have now become sincere Students in almost every country of the World. Will you try for just a few moments, to feel with Me just what THAT means to you?

Beloved Saint Germain told you, your own human creation was ten times more pressure upon you, than the atmospheric pressure of Earth. Then it means also, two-thirds of the pressure of your own human creation is released from you, from your physical world.

Why do I call your attention to this? Because of the Power of your Attention, which gives you the Realization; for I know you believe, I tell you the Truth.

Notice this carefully, for I am endeavoring to give you the Full Feeling – that two-thirds of your own human creation have been dissolved and consumed for you. It means two-thirds of the pressure, which is wholly and independent activity from the usual effect of your own creation, has been released from acting upon you. It is a Tremendous Thing, Beloved Ones; and it makes your own effort in your own Call to your Presence, two-thirds easier for you.

That has gone into Activity, since the twenty-first of July, since twelve o’clock on the beginning of the twenty-first. I wish you might feel quite definitely, all of These Great Cosmic Activities which sweep into action for the Earth, are a very definite thing.

Ordinarily, all of the Cosmic Activity of the Earth came in, as a Gentle Blending into the atmosphere of Earth; because mankind was not yet sufficiently prepared; but as This “I AM” Activity has continued to act thru your Decrees, in Its Various Pulsations to Earth; mankind has been prepared. Now like that (a wave of the hand) It comes in a sweep, instead of the Gentle Activity which was required before.

This is why We want your Attention to be on these things; because thru your Attention, much more can be done for you, than if you were not aware of It.”

The Great Divine Director

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