understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do any of you think for one moment, Our Words are idle talk? I trust not? It is a Mighty Real Thing, Dear Hearts! You may not quite realize It yet; but We, the Ascended Beings, are the Reality! You – yet in the limited state, are the unreality; because only in unreality does imperfection exist!

After all, what produces limitation and imperfection of any kind? Certainly not your “I AM Presence”!

Then, what does produce it? Your qualification acting within your feeling world, Dear Hearts! It is the only thing in the world which stands between you and the Perfection which We have.

Think of it! Think of it, Beloved Ones! Just your power of qualification, acting within your feeling world, is all that stands between you and the Great Perfection and Freedom which We have!

It is not difficult. You today, can be in Our Same Position; and stand beside Us in such a short time; in comparison with the long period in which you have been drawing yourselves into these limitations.

Think of the Mercy of the Great Law, Dear Hearts, that has provided the Means by which Beloved Saint Germain has brought This Understanding, so magnificently to your attention; for you have been centuries, hundreds of centuries, bringing yourselves into this present limitation!

Yet, it is absolutely True, in a few months at most, you can – by calling your Presence into action, to use the Violet Consuming Flame, free yourself completely from every discordant and undesirable accumulation of the centuries.

The proof stands before you, and I am going to give the Messenger a Surprise tonight. He wondered why the change took place in the mode of His receiving These Dictations on his return from Honolulu.

That was because the last vestige of his own human accumulation had been consumed.

Remember, please Dear Ones tonight, as the Momentum is gained by the Application of the Students, you are not just in Seattle; you are one with all the Sincere Students – in the mental and feeling world throughout America!

Will you please try and remember, in your Application when you are earnest, sincere and determined, you are then acting within the stratum or octave of every other “I AM” Student in America!

That is why These Decrees are so powerful to set you Free; because you are having the combined efforts of all for the same purpose.”

The Great Divine Director

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