understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Out of the Glory of the Light which is within your Hearts, I shall endeavor tonight, to call forth into action in your world, something of the Powers of Our Light of which you have not yet become aware.

In the Authority which I wield, so far as time and space are concerned, and in the Service which I have been able to render, I am watching the opportunity more and more each day, to render Still Further Service to the students.

Thru the Great Cosmic Law, which made it possible to consume one-third of all human accumulation of the past – still I am not satisfied! I think there is still more which can be done!

To every one of you Beloved Children of the Light, who is making such earnest sincere effort, who of you shall say to Me, what I may do for you! I say this even to former students – will you tonight as never before, feel the Reality of your Freedom; the Power of your Presence surging in and thru you, while I am talking to you?

Try to feel that Flood of Light, flow in, thru, and around your body; and into your world, just like water pouring thru your body.

It is so very wonderful, once you can begin to feel the Tangibility of Those Great Currents; because as you become accustomed to It, you can feel It flow thru your body; just as though water were running over your body; or something running thru the flesh of your body.

The Vibratory Action, which the Currents of Energy from your Presence produce, goes thru your flesh, quite as readily as the blood flows thru your veins!

This is how today in the Service We are endeavoring to give, Our Vibratory Action will so hasten your Victory. It is why We are taking advantage of these opportunities in visiting the Groups; or as the Messengers visit your Groups, We give This Service.”

The Great Divine Director

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