understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then remember, you are entering a New Kingdom, the Kingdom of Light – which is Its Own Supply to the Children of Earth! This is not idle talk! We have no time for such things; but I am drawing your attention tonight, to Certain Things for a Very Definite Purpose; because It not only means your advancement, but It means the Assistance which you require.

You, in your great city tonight, are sitting within This Sanctuary of Light, as though the outer world did not exist, for these two hours while you are here! It is the Rarest Privilege and Activity on Earth, Beloved Ones.

You are in This Charged Sacred Chamber of Light, very much as if you were in the Cave of Light in India; only this building is not charged for centuries with the Light where only Perfection exists, as it is there.

Yet, We are drawing and have drawn throughout the classes, These Mighty Light Rays into the room, which are fulfilling a very Similar Purpose for you! That is why, as your attention is called from one point to another, the opening is there for Us, to fill your world with whatever you desire.

It is Light and Happiness!

I say again tonight, do not allow one single feeling to live in you of criticism or condemnation of another; even though such a one might have made mistakes. Pour out Our Ascended Masters’ Divine Love! Raise the Loved Ones who has made mistakes into the Arms of your Presence and forget all else!

You will know such Happiness! Then you will have done Your Part to fulfill the Law of Light and Love.

So tonight, Dear Hearts, remember – to the degree you pour out the Ascended Masters’ Divine Love and Blessings, will the Door of your World open wide, into Our Eternal Light which releases all Perfection into your use; for your Blessing and for the Purifying and Perfecting of your bodies.

Can you actually believe My Words, when I say to you:  “There are three hundred seventy-five people in this room, who could, if they would determine to do It and stand by It, make their Ascension in this embodiment? That is True!””

The Great Divine Director

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