understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, in the Service which you are rendering, I say again to you:  “The Present Students of the ‘I AM’ under Saint Germain’s Radiation, are the Vanguard of the Light;  and EACH ONE must feel the Courage of his or her own ‘I AM Presence’, strong enough to carry This Light;  until more of humanity can be brought into the Clearness of This Understanding. 


Then, they will share the responsibility with you; but today, the outer world does not understand how to call forth I ts Protection. Therefore, the people are as helpless as infants!”

I am telling you tonight, unless Individuals understand their own God-Presence, the “Mighty I AM”, they can give but fragmentary assistance. THEY CANNOT GIVE THE SUSTAINED ACTIVITY; because they must know their Presence is above them, from which they can call Its Powers into action. Until Individuals understand this, they are constantly wavering like the pendulum of a clock and soon the Presence is forgotten!

No longer will people waver, but stand in the Light and draw to themselves their own! Oh, that you understood those Simple Words! Those Words are the Majesty of Creation! – “Stand in the Light and draw to yourselves your own!”

Shall I put it just a little more definitely to you? From the Octaves of the Ascended Masters there are being lowered into the atmosphere of Earth, Certain Activities, which mean Assistance in Precipitation; which mean Assistance in the Use of the Light Rays; which mean Assistance in the Power of Self-control of the Individual!

All This is Assistance independent of your Call! The World is once again being set Free, although its mistakes have been great. The Cosmic Light says once again: “Mankind is to be set Free from the sweat of its brow, for its livelihood; and as the Light intensifies within the Earth, will many of you come to understand the import of My Words tonight!”

We have in the Etheric Belt, within certain parts of the Earth, discoveries of which We have known for a long time; and to Those in the Retreats for more than one hundred years, which will give your America Its Perfect Freedom!

The labor problems which has caused so much unhappiness and destruction, how quickly We could solve it. The people have been wanting shorter hours. We could show you, how to produce all you require in two hours service a day. Then in the balance of that time, you could study for your own Perfection.

How many of you could tell Me tonight, if you had or were required to render just two hours service a day – would you actually give the remainder of the eight hours, to study and make Application for your Freedom?

I Leave that to you!”



The Great Divine Director

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