understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“These simple Calls which you are sending forth, make everything possible for Us, and it is you who need the Protection! It is your Beloved Humanity which needs Protection.

When I have noticed among the Earnest Students such a great desire to serve, Oh Beloved Ones, if you in the silence of your own chamber, will make these Calls, as I have just explained, how Great will be your Service which you are rendering.

Will you who are visiting here, please carry This with you to the Students in the various parts of America and the Group Leaders?

You might think We are accumulating a great deal for you to do. It does not mean, you must use all the things which are before you each day. Please understand this Beloved Students: “As you advance and We advance in the Activity which is required, and We offer certain Requirements for you to fulfill – do not let yourselves become confused by something which is added.”

All is a stepping up process, as you use the term in electrical parlance. It is the Light ADVANCING, going forward into Greater Achievement and Freedom.

Therefore, We may ask you to do many things in the future; but remember when you have entered the Steps into the Doorway of Light, you do not pull the Steps in with you. You leave the Steps there, for the others who are to follow on.

As you are advancing and more is naturally required of you, then rejoice in it.

I say to Group Leaders concerning this: Dear Hearts, don’t let your human quibble over following Directions. Joyously, Happily and Willingly just do what We Request! You don’t see and know, but We do; and We ask nothing in the world except what you can do, and that which We know is of the Greatest Service.

You could not in your limited state; but We can in Our State!

When We request something, It is for your good! Just as yet remember, Beloved Ones, you are the Vanguard of the Light! For a little time, your Responsibility is Greater; because thru the Power of your Radiation your Call is making possible the Wider Expansion of This “I AM” Activity.

Thru the Transcriptions and the Radio Work, which We are opening, you will find the Open Doorway to the Expansion of the Light and the reaching of people which is necessary.

It is imperative that These Books flood forth to mankind as much as possible; for They contain and hold the Explanation and the Application, by which every human Being can set himself or herself Free.

It is imperative the people have them for Constant Use; because the intellect does not retain enough from just hearing the Instruction!

I ask all, please do not keep reaching out for more Explanation. Take That which is before you and apply It with DETERMINATION, WITH FIRMNESS!

The Explanation is all there, if you really understand It! Don’t let your intellect keep reaching out for various things; and guard your human self, so it does not run away and feel itself wiser than We.”

The Great Divine Director

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