understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I shall say something and please don’t let it seem startling to you. As in the training of Bob, Rex, Nada and Pearl and those who were there, so today, We are taking advantage of opportunities. I find thru This Activity which I have started, many of you in your Higher Mental Bodies, can do Tremendous Work. That shall be utilized.

First, thru the Assistance of your Higher Mental Bodies, you will be taught how to draw from the physical octave, the energy which is required. So your Higher Mental Body may project those Rays of Light, to render the Service which is needed today; until We can bring other Individuals to the point, where We can teach them in the outer intellectual mind, the use of These Rays.

We see all which is occurring in the destructive activities! We must counter-balance that, by the use of the Light Rays! Now the Law of the Light is , We may not use a destructive force; but WE CAN DO OTHER THINGS!

We can use the Constructive Powers, to govern the forces of darkness or destructive qualities; and this We are preparing to do!

Notice! but for your Beloved Saint Germain having brought you, as Students thus far, this would not have been possible. So you have Him to thank with all your Love and Gratitude, and I am sure you do.

As He brought Bob, Rex, Nada, Pearl and those with them to the point where That Service could be rendered; so has He brought you today, in less than three years, to This Point – where This Service can be rendered in the outer world, of which you are a part – far more Transcendent, than I am just describing to you tonight.

You have been taught to say to the forces of darkness and to the human creation which is limiting: “You have no power!”

Beloved Ones, send that forth with Greater and Greater Earnestness and Intensity! Say with a Great Calm Majesty and Power from your Presence, to all human creation: “‘You have no power!’ Be thou dissolved by the Power of Light!”

Individually, please do not miss one day, and especially at night, saying to all human creation: “In the Name of my ‘Beloved Mighty I AM Presence’ and the Power of the Ascended Masters, I say to all human creation: ‘You have no power!’ ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ and Great Cosmic Light! Project Thy Mighty Light Rays in and thru the Earth – establishing Thy Currents throughout the atmosphere of Earth; and cause all destructive qualities and activities there to cease to exist!”

Then, We will do the rest.”

The Great Divine Director

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