understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you sit here before Me, it is quite as though you were sitting in Chananda’s Audience Chamber, adjoining the Cave of Light. Tonight, as the Beloved Messenger asked you, will you feel you are actually sitting there in His Audience Chamber before Me, as was described to you?

While just yet, I may not stand visible before you, as I did with those Children, yet “I AM” s Tangibly here. Therefore, in the Service which I am rendering tonight, will you be kind enough to accept It in the Fullness of Its Power, although you do not understand It?

It is not necessary, but just have the Kindly Loving Feeling of Acceptance of all I am doing for you. That is all I require to do the Work.

While this is going on, I want to take you on a little Journey into the realms of discovery; and tell you why the need for the Protection of your America is so great.

The destructive forces which have not yet been wholly brought into subjection – in the last lashing of the dragon’s tail, it has brought forth some of the most destructive agencies.

During your recent world war, there were so many discoveries brought forth which were so tragic, so drastic in their nature even then; but since then, still more destructive things, have been brought into the outer use. Yet, guardedly, We have watched they were not released.

Tonight, I have made you a part of the Great Protection, far more so than you know; and far more, than I may explain to you tonight – except to simply call your attention to It! I mean, not only you who are here, but all of the Earnest “I AM” Students throughout America!

I want to say at this point, I am so sorry for those Blessed Ones who thru foolish human suggestion, have turned aside from This Pathway of Light. I am sorry indeed, for We wanted them to enter This Great Stream of Light and Perfection.

Too late, they will see their mistake. We must move forward. We cannot wait for anyone or human idiosyncrasies.

We would so love to have all who have once entered This Stream of Light, move forward with Us, but such is their choice.”

The Great Divine Director

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