understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Children of the Light, you have been taught much. Tonight, will you come with Me on a journey, so you may realize more than ordinarily, that which is a part of your world, yet unknown to you.

I refer to your Great Inner Light (or Life) which is the Activity of your Reality, thru your Higher mental Body. It is a Part of you so Real, so Magnificent, that if you suddenly became aware of the Perfection which you really are, your Joy would be so boundless.

I say to you who have the appearance of years, if you suddenly saw how beautiful, how youthful you really are, the appearance of age only having registered on the atomic structure of your body; how differently you would feel. This appearance of the outer structure is but an appearance. It is not your Reality, and yet it seems so real to you.

This is just the outer garment which you are wearing, upon which you have registered the discord, which has the appearance of limitation and age. Now, We are rapidly dissolving all that; and you will stand forth Free, wholly Free from your own creations.

It was My Joy to render a Certain Service in which one-third of your own human creation, or that of all the “I AM” Students in America, was dissolved and consumed for you.

The Love within This Class has made it possible for further Assistance of this kind to be given. I may not say just how much, but rejoice in It.

Before We continue, the Service which I began yesterday, I wish you to know is a Most Remarkable Thing. This Service being rendered you, has not been tried within the Children of Earth, for more than two hundred thousand years. I tried It at first, only as an experiment, as to what could be done with a general group of the Students. I find It can be done for all, which is an Accomplishment that brings very Great Rejoicing to Me.

As the Beloved Messenger just read to you, when the Children were before Me in the Cave of Light in India, This Same Service was rendered. Oh, feel instead of having to go to far-off India at great expense and use of time, I have come here to you!

It is the first time in the History of the Earth, a Cosmic Being has really come in Person, to render the Children of Earth Such a Service. Now We can more definitely plan Our Activity for the Outward Progress and the Expansion of your Light. We can determine more definitely just what you will do.

Does it sound unusual, as though We had not confidence in you? Not at all, because you have not known just what your human selves would do, and it is why We could not depend on you.

I feel so certain ere long, I shall know just what I can depend on; and that is a very great deal, to enable us to go forward in the Progress of the Protection of your Beloved America.”

The Great Divine Director

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