understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In all the Universe there is but One Power, One Light, One Substance, One Intelligence – “I AM” – the Power of the Godhead; announcing Its Authority at your focus of activity in the physical octave.

Remember, as you refer to the Godhead, use Those Words – “I AM”! Do not follow Those Two Words with any negative expression or feeling; because if you do, then in your Call to the Presence, you make that negative activity tremendously more powerful in your Life.

Do not ever say:  I am sick;  I am broke;  I am limited; Don’t do it, because then, you qualify the Power which you are calling forth, to produce that very quality and experience for you.

Instead, to every expression of pain in the body, limitation of finances or limitation of any kind whatsoever, say to such appearance:  “‘You have no power’! I know my own God Presence, my ‘Mighty I AM’! I know there cannot act in my world any limiting thing any longer”!

If there is pain in the body, say to that pain:  “Be silent! ‘Mighty I AM Presence’! sweep out cause and effect of this.”   Then feel It do it, and you will be commanders of your bodies in no time! You have the Assistance! Now use It!

Do not yield to those conditions or appearances, which have frightened you and made you believe you were under their domination. You are no longer under the domination of pain; under the domination of disturbance; nor under the domination of limitation of any kind! You are not!

Will you accept that and live it in feeling, so you may have your Freedom now?

In the Infinite Light of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, the Great Host of Ascended Masters and the Great Cosmic Beings, We enfold you all in the Fullness of Their Infinite Light, Its Power, Its Activity, Its Love, Its Blessing!

May Our Enfolding Light cause you to feel only Love and Blessings pouring out from you forever!

We thank you for This Opportunity of calling your attention to Our Endeavor to assist you, the rest is with you. We are ready! We have released the Power, the Energy, the Intelligence to act!

To the degree you will accept It and feel It, will It produce Our Perfection in your world!

In the Glory of Our Light of Infinite Power and Intelligence, I enfold you now and forever.”

The Great Divine Director

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