understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Will you understand tonight, Beloved Ones, since the Messengers’ Class in San Francisco, I have left My Cosmic Activity to come and render This Service to the Classes!

Each day, I have been present in every Class since then. It sounds very simple, doesn’t; but if you will turn to your Presence for the feeling of what It means in the Blessing of mankind, I am sure you will feel clearly and definitely, It is not just idle expression.

Today, I rejoice with you, in the Great, Great Blessing which came to you this afternoon – how very wonderful It is. Will you not join Me in My Determination to help you to be Free? To help you to Self-Mastery in every Requirement, which will give you your Freedom?

I ask you, I invite you to let Us help you! Can We do more? I think not! We can do no more than to invite you to allow Us to assist you; and then, you take command thru your own Self-control; so the Power of your Presence may be released quickly, to do Its Perfect Work for you.

I enfold you in the Fullness of My Love. As the Children in India became a part of My Love, so today, you have become a Part of My Love. Try to feel what that means to you.

Then in the Fullness of your Call to the Presence, ask It to give you the Courage and Strength, which will enable you to make your Call with such earnestness, the Instantaneous Response comes without limit.

Until We meet again, in the Fullness of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, through whom I pour My Love – FEEL! ACCEPT IT AND BE FREE!

“I AM” the Courage! “I AM” the Strength! “I AM” the Light within you, which gives you the Courage and Mastery of your human self. “I AM” the Full Power of Obedience within you, to every Requirement which makes for your Freedom!”

The Great Divine Director

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