understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You, in the outer world today, still by slight provocation and by the unfortunate human law, which mankind does not understand, place each other behind prison bars! Your prison of your own creation is the greatest one of all!

You, Dear Ones, in the limitations which have been yours in the past for so long, have felt if you could only burst those bonds which seemed to bind you, how you would go forth into Freedom!

That Feeling was Real!

There are thousands of people who have had that experience. They have felt, if they could only burst that something which seemed to hold and bind them, they could do much Greater Things.

It was their own creation which they felt binding them. It was only a pressure of energy. It was only certain rates of vibration in the feeling! It was only the whirls of energy in their emotional bodies!

Today, you have the Means of setting yourself Free. Will you apply It, Beloved Ones, and let Us help you quickly to your Freedom? It is so near!

We are doing all the Law permits and in many instances, setting aside much of the action of the Law. Otherwise you, yourselves would be compelled to correct wrong conditions. You must give the Assistance, so more may enter into Greater Freedom, to give the Service needed at this time.

Surely you understand, do you not?

In this, shall we call it – Special Service which is being rendered, it is to provide those to operate the Law stronger and stronger; in order to give the needed Assistance for the Freedom which must come forth, because the Call must come from you!

We are ready and have been waiting long. Your part now, is to make the Call with Great Earnestness and Sincerity, maintaining Harmony in the feeling in the face of any condition, no matter what, then the Release will come quickly.

There are many in this room tonight! I shall make it quite definite! There are more than three hundred people in this auditorium tonight, who could have their Freedom very quickly, if they would be firm and calm in their Call to the Presence; and command Complete Harmony in their feeling to be maintained!

It is not difficult, Beloved Ones! It is only because there is not yet quite sufficient determination within you to take command and hold control over your human self.


The Great Divine Director

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