understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Never lose the memory of the fact, that your Application is the Activity by which your Freedom comes. You cannot say:  “I am too tired tonight, to adore my Presence! I have been too busy today, to give attention to my Presence” – when your Freedom depends upon your Presence!

As the Messenger has said to you, Beloved Ones, it does not mean that you should sit down in the corner and adore your Presence; but every moment in your daily activity, when your mind is not otherwise occupied, you can in a flash – send your adoration to your Presence!

Feel the Release of Its Mighty Currents in and thru your body, which will keep you from being tired. That will give you Happiness in your service among mankind; and if you called firmly into action, will provide every condition for your Happiness, Supply and Comfort.

So don’t ever say, you have not time to adore your Presence!

Without your attention to your Presence, you will remain embodiment after embodiment in the conditions in which you find yourselves today or were in a year ago.

Mankind drew itself into limitations, by its own misuse of the Free will. It was entirely of the people’s own volition, and now they must rise out of it by their Earnest Call to the Presence. They must keep it up until that Victory, be it days, hours, weeks, months or years, is accomplished.

One who will stand by in and by his or her own “I AM Presence”, calling It into action, will have the Victory! Of that there is no question, and in This Assistance which is being given, could you but understand the Fullness of It, your Gratitude, your Love which has been so great to Beloved Saint Germain and the Messengers, would increase a hundred fold.

You are living in a Mighty Reality! The Laws of Life are acting with great speed within and around you. Do you understand, Beloved Ones, whether you are awake or asleep, This Action of the Great Law is constantly going on within and around you!

You for the time have forgotten It, in the attraction of the outer world. Yet the Inner Action is going on, directed by your Higher Mental Body.

When your Call is sincere and firm, then will your Higher Mental Body Release more and more of Its Mighty Energy, which dissolves and consumes all unlike Itself.

Do not give way to forgetfulness! Remember, you have entered the Race for Life. 


Listen Beloved Ones! You have entered the Race for Life; for without your Victory, you will remain in the shadows of human discord and destruction.”

The Great Divine Director

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