understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today the Law is given! The Application is given! The Scepter of Power is placed within your hands, in the Acknowledgement of your Presence! You can wield It to Perfection or fail to use It and remain in limitations.

You are not children of Earth longer, even though you still dwell here! When your Light expands within your Heart as It is today, then I can truly and honestly say to you, you are no longer children of Earth.

Will you accept It in Great Calm Gratitude? Feel It a Sacred Obligation and Understanding! Do not exploit It in the outer world, but feel with such Great Deep Gratitude, the remainder of the Activity for your Freedom, can quickly come into action.

My Work is always with the One Goal – the Ascension! It seems strange to the Western world, and yet why should it?

Thousands and hundreds of thousands of people have preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus the Christ left the Example of the Ascension to mankind; and the Etheric Record which STANDS VIBRANT in the Etheric Realm of the Earth, is always beckoning mankind on, and on, and on; until one day all mankind will understand His Words given so long ago!

Why does not mankind understand? Because the Activity of the feeling world was forgotten! It is your feeling world which MUST BE GOVERNED to gain the Victory!

I am sure your Gratitude to Beloved Saint Germain is Eternal, for having brought forth This Marvelous Explanation; for you have all required to give you your Freedom and Victory.

Remember, Beloved Ones, your Determined and Firm Application is IMPERATIVE! All Assistance which you require, in your Call to the Presence, IF YOUR MOTIVE IS RIGHT, HONEST AND SINCERE, WILL BE GIVEN BY THE HOST OF ASCENDED MASTERS.”

The Great Divine Director

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