understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Children of the Light! From far away India, I draw the Mighty Currents, tonight, for your Blessing. You have just heard read to you, the Experiences in the Cave of Light, near Chananda’s Home in India.

Tonight, while It is not visible to you, a less powerful Service is being rendered. Instead of the Light as It is there, I am using the Self-Luminous Intelligent Substance – which in Co-operation with the Great Light drawn, is Active within the room for every one!

Mankind has traveled over the Earth in search of what you are receiving tonight; and even to those who might be here for the first time, I say:  “Things do not just happen! All is under a Great Divine Law.”

Once the people understand It and realize, thru the Power of Harmony within their Beings, they can co-operate with the Great Law, to their Eternal Gratitude and Blessing, then they will understand how Great is their Privilege in living in the present embodiment today.

The Eastern world, except for a few individuals, has known so little of These Deeper Activities. Even the old occult method, did not teach Individuals how to gain their Freedom. It drew their attention to certain Requirements, but how to apply the Law was quite another thing!

Today, your Beloved Saint Germain has not left one thing unsaid or unexplained, in the Application for your Victory and Freedom.That is why never in the history of all embodiments, have you had the Privilege which stands before you tonight.

In This Service which is rendered while I am talking to you, the Substance will remain untouched by any human qualification. To the degree you can accept This, will you find the disturbing things of your outer life and the limiting things, rapidly dissolving before you.

Do not misunderstand Me. This is not just so many words, but Mighty Qualities which the Words are describing to you. They are acting within your Inner World. What a Wonderful Thing it is, to become acquainted somewhat with your Inner World.

So long, you have thought that which you see out here, is all there was to Life. It is really just the shell of the Great Inner Light and Activity! Yet, mankind has thought, the human form was all there was.

Today, behold your Reality! Behold the God Presence which gives you Life; which has come to be known as the “Mighty I AM Presence”, whose very Words give Life and withdraw It.

When mankind becomes filled with too much inharmony, then Life withdraws; and you are sent forth, to again return, build another form and try it again.

Today that shell cease! To every one who will make earnest, sincere, honest effort, if not in this embodiment, then in the next, will the pilgrimage upon Earth cease.

Only as you call to your Presence and eventually make your Ascension, can you be Free from the wheel of birth and rebirth and the limitations of Earth.

Only when you, in the Call of your Presence, allow It to dissolve and consume your human creations; and to the degree that the Earth loses its attraction for the denser human form, will you know what Freedom means!”

The Great Divine Director

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