understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to say to the Beloved Ones here, tonight, We shall endeavor to take all resistance out of your feeling world, concerning your present forms; so they take on their natural symmetry.

Do not resist the Perfection of your Presence any longer. Just say:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’ now this is Your Form! Therefore, it has to be the Symmetry and Perfection which You are! Humanly, I take my mind off of It entirely! Therefore, ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, You take command of this body now; and bring it into Your Perfect Symmetry”;  then be at Peace and rest about it.

Every time the human has an opinion, say:  “Hold on! You are to have no opinion!” and you will find the Presence will do This Perfectly.

I want to say:  you are Free from this hour! Don’t longer accept anything else, any suggestions of anything else! If you will just feel This, and if you believe I speak the Truth, you will know, you will feel, your Freedom definitely in your feeling.


Therefore, you will feel a strength sustained within you,which will give you Great Joy from this hour!

No matter what the outer appearance is, do not accept again for a single instant, any lack of strength, courage or power; because your Presence which beats your Heart is your Power, Strength, Energy, Courage and Everything Else which is required, to give you everything.

Remember what We have said:  you shall all sing again with a Greater Power, than you have ever known! Accept That Charge, if you will, and let Its Full Power of Action go on within you. Don’t allow the appearance world to have any effect upon you again;

but just in Great Joy say:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’ I accept the Fullness of your Power! I say to all these appearances within or without my Being: ‘You have no power!’ Therefore, I stand forth Free right now; forever held in the Embrace of the Light of my ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ always Free and Victorious.

So shall It be!”

The Great Divine Director

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