understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you know, your very attention having been called to your Presence, aside from your conscious call so earnestly to It, would release one day Its Full Power of Action into your world! Then how much more quickly It will come, if you refuse to accept or listen to destructive qualities of any kind.

Then keep calling your Presence into action, until Its Whole Light foods your world.

Please be reminded again tonight – there is no battle in the Achievement of the Presence. You call Its Light forth thru your mind and body, into your feeling world – the Light knows no resistance nor interference!

It simply floods into you and out into your world; and the Fullness of This Light, being the Supremacy of the Universe and the Supreme Power of your world, just moves into action and all else dissolves before It.

That is the way to feel concerning the Activity of your Presence. You don’t have to struggle!

Remember the simple words so often used:  “You shall hold your Peace and the Presence will fight your battles.”

It simple means, the moving of the Light of the Presence into your body, sweeping out all irritation, all discord of every kind and replacing it with all Perfection which is the Law.

No imperfection can penetrate That Light, and when you call It into action – as a Tube of Light – as a Volume of Light flowing into your world, your body, It is quite a different thing.

Please notice this point carefully; It is quite a different thing, than when the Natural Light becomes clothed by your discordant qualities! That Light has become shut in, instead of the discord being shut out.

When you place yourselves in a Tube of Light, do you not see the power of human qualification, cannot reclothe the Tube of Light, which you are calling into action? Its Volume is too Great!

That is why, if you once understand, when you say, for instance:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, charge my mind and body with Your Mighty Energy, Your Strength and Courage”, or whatever the quality is you require, That is the Light of the Presence filling your body; and Its Volume is too great to be reclothed by the quality which is within your feeling world at that particular time.

Notice This Activity carefully! When the Light comes in naturally and flows thru the nerves – as Energy and Points of Light within the cells of your body, It is not sufficiently powerful, to keep the quality in your feeling world, from clothing it with the density which is in your feeling.

When you stand yourself in This Tube of Light or make yourself a Pillar of Light, the Volume of That Light is too great, to be clothed by the feeling of the Individual!

If you once understand this, and as you stand yourselves in This Tube of Light; or feel yourself a Tube or Pillar of Light, moving about in your daily activity, you will soon find all of your undesirable qualities will disappear – they must disappear!”

The Great Divine Director

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