understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, Oh how Great Our Love is for you! How Great is Our Rejoicing at every single Victory which you gain; and how Our Love pours out to you like a Mighty River, knowing sooner or later your Victory must come.

You think you love each other, but how can you know what Love really is; until you really know the Love which has Infinite Patience with the mistakes of mankind?

Yet, when We see the Great Infinite Patience, being gained among many of the students and the Expansion of the Light within their Hearts, how greatly We rejoice and how much more We can then do!

Remember, your Victory is certain, if you will just follow these simple things. It is not complicated – the Victory of Life!  It is so simple most of Its Great Qualities, because they are so simple, are believed to be untrue.

Don’t ever admit failure in anything, no matter what the appearance world screams to you! Still say to it: “You have no power!”

Oh, how much you could do for your own world, yourselves and others, when you say that!

Beloved Ones, do not at any time or in any way, allow fear of any kind to enter concerning the Messengers of This “I AM” Activity! Remember, the  “Light of God never fails.”

There have been a lot of prophecies made, since the Messengers left here – all so foolish! Human gossip will continue, until the Cosmic Light, as you have been told, sweeps out all human selfishness and destructive qualities from the Earth!

So until that time, remember God, the “Mighty I AM Presence” in you, is your Certain Victory!


No other power exists in your world, unless you continue to admit it.”

The Great Divine Director

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