understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The ability to release Our Real Power of the Ascended Masters’ Divine Love, is most commendable. Each one releases the Special Power and Activity of Divine Love required in each Group.

Now mark you, Dear Ones, please notice this! Everywhere That Quality of the Ascended Masters’ Divine Love is released, It becomes a Cohesive Quality and Activity, which keeps drawing more and more to Itself!

You have noticed the moment some discord comes in, how the dissolving, disintegrating process starts and people withdraw.  Again, when the Ascended Masters’ Divine Love begins to pour forth, which is the Cohesive Quality of Life, then people come back.

If only Beloved Mankind and the Beloved Students, would become cognizant of these actions which are going on before them constantly, how beautiful it would all be; but because of the pressure of the outer world, those things are passed over almost constantly.

I ask you, if you will, to watch them and see how very wonderful is the Law of Life; how Unfailing, Unerring It is, in Its Activity when unqualified by human discord.

Remember what Beloved Saint Germain has said to you from the beginning:  “the human ungoverned is more vicious than the animal in the jungle.”  Never were Truer Words uttered!

Therefore, why accept the human and allow its disintegrating activity to begin to act in your world?

Beloved Ones, listen to Me carefully! Every moment you are listening to any kind of destructive qualities in any conversation, its disintegrating qualities in any conversation, its disintegrating quality is then and there acting in your feeling world; because you admitted it thru your hearing. You don’t know that from the human standpoint, but We have watched it among the Earnest Students.

We see the cause and effects, but unless you allow Us to help you, how can We do it?
I am prompting you on these various points tonight, because everywhere you go, you are bound to meet these things. In humanity’s present state, you cannot avoid it.

Do not ever be disturbed at appearances which have to be met and conquered; because until more of humanity come into the Light of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, human qualities and conditions are always there to be met.

See how easily those conditions are governed, when the Presence comes into action; but how can the Presence act, if the feeling world is charged with irritation and disturbance?”

The Great Divine Director

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