understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is what is before mankind, and I say to all the Beloved “I AM” Students throughout America and the World:  “You who have had the Courage to stand fearless, in the Acknowledgement of your Presence;  issue these Decrees; and give forth your Life to the Assistance of America and the World, will one day reap the Reward which will be Eternal.

The reason I say this to you, is because those who have touched This Light and then turned to criticize and condemn It, will cry out for Mercy. Oh, what an unfortunate thing – and how they will cry for Mercy; because of their unfortunate human creations.

It is not a matter of human opinions any longer, but it is a matter of the need of the World today.

That Call is coming from the Hearts of mankind, as never before in the World. Yet, the Assistance has been Greater than ever in the history of the World; for the people have the opportunity before them, in the Understanding of This Knowledge, which will enable them to send forth the Limitless Power of God’s Purifying, Perfecting Activity; and which will enable them to render this Necessary Service.

I say to you, Beloved Ones, your Beloved Saint Germain for more than two hundred years, has labored ceaselessly, for the Freedom and Blessing of mankind.

Why was This Light brought forth here?

Because in a period long past, the Glory and Perfection which was known then, existed here in your Beloved Land.

Why do I speak of America?

Because I too know here must come that Mighty Perfection, which was here once before; and It is the Final Activity for the Earth – make no mistake!

Will you feel your responsibility, every one of you Beloved “I AM” Students; and let nothing make you waver or turn you aside from the Mighty Power of your Presence?”

The Great Divine Director

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