understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you know, Beloved Ones, why great industries have been formed thru one Individual? Why the Great Law enabled it to be done? Why, I ask you?


Because there could not be brought together five people, who would harmonize long enough, to allow a Great Achievement for Permanent Constructive Accomplishment.

Therefore, the Power had to be concentrated upon one Individual, so the God Intelligence could act, uninterfered with to establish your railroads; to establish your airlines; to establish your great industries everywhere.

That is why I say to you, Students of the Light:  Never again let your feelings criticize or condemn great industries; for if it had not been for them, you would have been far less advanced, than what you are today.

Remember the Advance of Life has nothing to do with Individual Personality! The Advance of Life is governed by the Great Cosmic Law, and now when the Great Cosmic Law says to Earth:  “Emit more Light”,  you who represent the Light – the ONLY POWER thru which the Light can come, must awaken!

Thru your Awakening, the Earth will Emit more Light, to take its place in the Great Scheme of Life. If it be not done by the Call of the Individuals to release That Light, then the Great Law and Nature, as you call it, will say to mankind:  “No longer will I submit to your inharmony”,  and She buries her opponents.

Do you not understand, Beloved Ones, why great cataclysms occur? Because of the building and ever-increasing inharmony, within the feeling world of mankind which saturates even the Earth.

That is what has caused every great destructive activity which has ever been on the Earth, and you are now facing the last one!

Do you wish to exist as slaves to depravity today, as the conditions are in Russia? We know the conditions which are there.  Don’t let any Loyal American fail to stand by his Country and his People!

You may wonder that One, Wholly Free from all earthly entanglements, speaks of the loyalty to your country! There will be those who will say, when this goes forth:  “No Cosmic Being could have spoken Those Words.”

I say to those critics:  Be silent! I speak, because I am in the realm of your world! Because I know your requirements! and because I know, that if enough of mankind do not wake up and give Assistance, so shall Earth once again bury you and take Her Freedom.”

The Great Divine Director

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