understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“No longer, Beloved Ones, need mankind wait. Your Presence acts Instantaneously! To the degree you can get your human feeling still, harmonious and remain so, will It fill your world quickly or require the human sense of time.

Your Presence requires no time nor space! In your attention to your Presence, remember surely and steadily the limited sense of time and space as you feel it today, will disappear from your feeling and your consciousness.

Many of you who have attended the Classes of the Messengers, already know That; already realize in these ten day Classes, it has seemed almost as a day many times. “It does not seem possible”, I often hear you say to each other. “Is it possible ten days have passed?”

Do you not realize you are losing the sense of time and space, which is your own Birthright in Reality?

Only as human Beings have limited themselves in their human concepts, have they become more and more limited, more and more aware of time and space; until they actually feel they have not sufficient time, to fulfill the Requirements of their daily duties for the Light.

Yet, I tell you from actual experience, with your Call to the Presence and the flooding forth of Its Energy unqualified, every one of you who works for eight hours a day, could with ease do the work you actually do now, in three hours. That is what it means, to have the Activity of your “Mighty I AM Presence” acting within and thru your human form.

There will be hundreds within two years, who will prove it, beyond the question of a doubt.

One of the wonderful students today, has told the Messengers repeatedly, he does three to five times the work he did, before he contacted This “I AM” Activity in less hours and with greater ease; and with the assurance within him that his “Mighty I AM Presence” is enabling him in every action to render Divine Justice really.

If people in all your courts, your attorneys, your industries, would only understand and call their “Mighty I AM Presence” into action; how quick their business and their world would be filled with Divine Justice, Order and Successful Achievement.


Whether you have known It or not, if your Success has been great; it is because there was enough Stillness within your feeling world and enough Silent Recognition of God; which enabled the Power of the Presence to release Its Energy into your world of activity.


Only the Power of Your Presence could give you Success.”

The Great Divine Director

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