understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I repeat to you tonight, when you call your “Mighty I Am Presence” into action, It knows no resistance nor interference. Its Powers sweep forward with the Power of the Universe to fulfill your Requirements.

If the human understands and will keep the feeling harmonized long enough, so the Power flows thru uninterrupted, unqualified by the feeling within the human self; then shall you quickly enter into that Freedom and Glory of the Light which beats your Heart. It will fill your world quickly, if you will but give It a chance!

No longer, Beloved Ones, wait for this. Enter in by the COMMAND of your feeling world! Cause It to become still! Maintain Harmony, and the Light of your Presence at your Call, will flood your mind, Being and world; and you will know what It means to worship God in Reality. Your God of whom you have but fragments of knowledge, you find is Individualized, a Mighty Intelligence!

Then why longer limit Its Powers to act in you and your world?

There is not a thing in the world which can limit you, but yourself. The Power is here! The Intelligence is here! The Knowledge is before you; and to the degree that you can accept Its Full Power in your feeling, will it fill your world with Its Power and Mighty Directing Intelligence.

Let no one longer say, “I can’t.” When the Individual says “I can’t” it means I do not want to!  Do not yield to it, Beloved Ones!

Your Heart holds the Light, the Anchorage within your human form which is All-Powerful! Accept Its Fullness and allow It to act! To your human intellect which is filled with doubts and fears, I say:  Silence it! once and forever!  Then feel the Release and the Freedom which will come to you.

Then when you Acknowledge That Mighty Presence, feel Its Full Power flowing out into your world! It will quickly purify and harmonize everything and let you be FULLY CONSCIOUS OF ITS VICTORY.”

The Great Divine Director

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