understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“On the planets whose Light has expanded more than the Earth, there are those Beings of Natural Light and Freedom. On your Beloved Venus, whose Assistance has so long come to Earth, They know what Peace and Harmony mean. They live in the Glory of Its Infinite Expression naturally!

So you of Earth shall come to know – notice Those Words – SHALL COME TO KNOW your Dominion, in the Acceptance of your “Mighty I AM Presence”. There is no power of human creation or otherwise, which will longer have power to detain you, in your world of human creation!

The Great Cosmic Light has said:  “You must produce More Light, for there must come changes within the Earth, which will cause It to be produced!”

Your opportunity is here, Oh Beloved Children, if you will call your Presence forth and stand by It; never doubting or fearing Its Ability to flood your world with Its Harmony and Perfection.

Those who still insist upon sending forth discord from their feeling world, must reap its result. Make no mistake about that!

How gladly We would lift you out of all those human creations, if you would but just be FIRM AND STRONG. Glorify yourself in the Fullness of the Opportunity which is yours.

Then, you will find the Glory of that Freedom filling your world and causing it to be the Perfection which every Heart knows; and has been reaching and reaching and reaching to find.

Your Light is the Light of God! You have heard the expression:   “America is the Heart of the Earth; the Land of the ‘I AM’; the Land in which must come the First Ascended Master Freedom to mankind!””

The Great Divine Director

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