understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Your Infinite Opportunity, Oh Children of Earth, is filled with a Charged Glory, yet unknown and experienced by mankind. Yours is the Joy, the Happiness, the Power of having come to know your own God-Self, the “Mighty I AM”.

You may wonder why so many times the expression is used – “Your ‘Mighty I AM Presence'”; because It is the Mightiest Intelligence in the Universe – the Governor of your worlds, if you please, and the Governor of the Whole Universe!

It has provided for you a Higher Mental Body, Your Own Christ Self, by which It releases Its Powers to YOU WITHOUT LIMIT.

When you will once set aside human desire, or call your Presence into action to give you the Strength to set aside, your human concepts; and allow the Light of your Presence to illumine your Mind and charge your feeling world with Its Mighty Harmony; then you will quickly enter into all Freedom which is yours.

Do not longer allow your human concepts to dominate your world and limit you! There is no limitation in all the Universe, but that which Individuals create for themselves!

I say to you tonight, every one of you has the Power to release yourself at once, if you will! We see and know within your Heart the Light, the Power and Ability which are there!

I say to you, assert your Dominion! Do not allow your human self longer to dominate you!

Because you might have made mistakes; and because you have surrounded yourself by your own human creation, still they have no other power except what you give them!

I say to you tonight:  Assert your Dominion in the Power of the Acknowledgment of your Presence; and no longer allow the outer world, to limit or deprive you of that which your Great God-Self holds ready to release at any given moment; when Enough Love, Enough Kindness, Enough Harmony go forth from your feeling world to that Mighty Presence.

Then, will the Door be opened wide – the doors of doubt and fear swept aside, by the Hands of your Presence; to glorify you and send you forth a Glorified Being of Freedom.

No longer need mankind remain in chains of its own forging! Only as the people refuse to accept, apply and continue to apply, until the results are there, may they be deprived of Freedom.

You are Beings of Light! Do not allow yourselves to linger longer in the world of human creations!

You have learned, and you have found your Source! You have found and have the Scepter of Dominion in your hand, by the Acceptance of your Presence, your “Mighty I AM”.

Allow It by Harmony maintained, to flow forth into your world like a Mighty River and produce Its Perfection there.”

The Great Divine Director

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