understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know, Beloved Ones, if I were a human Being, you might accuse Me of sounding egotistical; but you know better than that! A Being of Light, Perfection and Freedom does not have those qualities existing within Him or Her. Therefore, when I say to you, the Great Power of My Love is anchored within your Heart, I mean it literally and physically, as well as Divinely!

Will you all – every one of you – do Me the kindness, before the opening of the Class, to read the last chapter of The Magic Presence?

Will you do Me this kindness, and as you start to read on thru that chapter, will you be kind enough to feel yourself in the place of this Good Brother, during His Experience? It was Real, I assure you! Then, allow Me to do that which I wish to do for you.

Oh, Precious Ones, please understand, We do not care about the puny human mistakes, which human beings have made. All We want is their earnestness in their attention to their “Mighty I AM Presence”, which will enable Us to do for them what they cannot do themselves; and which We cannot do for them unless, they will give their Earnest Attention to the Presence!

Do you not see, how thru the centuries, We were limited; because human Beings did not know their Presence? Without their attention to the Presence, We were not permitted – because the Law would not permit Us – to release This Help. Now the Great Cosmic Light does!

Oh, the Glory for mankind! There was no Release of the Light into the Earth, except at long intervals. I mean there were no Great Cosmic Impulses of That Light to help mankind.

Now since Beloved Saint Germain has brought This Activity forth, It comes with Dynamic Power twice a year! This time, on the 7th of April, there was a Sufficient Activity of the Cosmic Law for the Light to release; because of the need and Blessing of mankind today!

This will come again in July. On the seventh of July there will come a still Mightier Flow and Impulse of that Great Cosmic Light into the Earth!”

The Great Divine Director

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