understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“During the time the Messengers are here in this Class, won’t you tell all of these blessed ones, they are welcome to the class, if they wish to come? Tell them to forget everything which has disturbed them; and receive the Blessing which We want to give them. They will have great cause to rejoice if they will; because unless Sufficient Harmony can be established in New York this time, We cannot come again.

The Messengers and We are pouring forth all the Love at Our Command, to bless and draw to Our Radiance those who wish to have It; and only Love and Kindness will ever go forth from the Messengers to every one, remember It!

Does this sound strange to you? Until We meet in Our Octave where We dwell, remember: As you go forth from this room tonight, you are a Part of Myself! Don’t make any mistake about that! I mean exactly Those Words! My Ray of Light has gone forth and anchored in each one of your Hearts! Therefore, you have become a Part of Me!

Will you accept that and keep yourself reminded of It? Then, as you do so – refuse any longer to accept any discordant appearance, as having power to disturb you or act in your world.

If you will do this, then My Ray of Light and Energy which has gone forth into your Heart, will do Its Mighty Work for you; and I am sure there is not one in this room, who does not feel My Immeasurable Power of Divine Love, flood each one’s world, being and body! I am sure, there is not one who does not feel It definitely.

That shall continue to act within you, Oh Precious Ones; and Oh, Our Love is so Great, so very Wonderful, and is the Eternal Power of the Universe acting within you!

May I remind you in preparation for the Class, remember Beloved Ones, when you call your “Mighty I AM Presence” into action, It knows no resistance nor interference of any kind! Therefore, it goes forth with the Power of the Universe to fulfill your requirements.

Do you see then, how your earnest sincere effort could not fail in any way? It is the Supreme Opportunity of all your human pilgrimage upon Earth!”

The Great Divine Director

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