understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Because the “I AM” Students will not use the Violet Consuming Flame, they come into great distress!  I tell you, Precious Ones, It was released for the Freedom of mankind. It could not harm an unborn infant and those who will not use It, will not be Free!

Remember, Beloved Ones, in your attention to your Presence, you are AUTOMATICALLY releasing Tremendously Greater Energy than you did, before you knew you had an “I AM Presence”.

Some of you still do not FEEL your Ability to release These Powers from your Presence to set you Free. Even NOW you – are releasing a hundredfold Greater Power and Energy, than you did before you knew This Presence three years ago!

That is why We plead with you, Precious, Precious Hearts, to hold firm in your feeling; because as this Greater Energy comes forth thru you and into your world, if you continue to charge it with discord, don’t you see, it becomes tremendously more destructive?

You cannot help it!  It is the Law of your Life, when you give attention to your Presence, Greater Energy has to flow thru. It is not a matter of anybody’s choice, but It is the Law of your Being!  It has to come thru!

Then, think!  If you continue to qualify it with discord, don’t you see how much more powerful it becomes, to act in your world?

That is why people are constantly swamped with discord in their minds and bodies; because for one reason or another, they have charged this Energy with discord or unkind feeling!

Precious Ones, can’t you believe Me, when I ask you please to not allow suspicion to begin to act in your world; or about persons, places or conditions. Please do not do it!  Suspicion becomes self-destruction!  Don’t do it if you want to be Free. Don’t care what the other person is doing!

YOUR PART IS TO HARMONIZE, BEAUTIFY AND PERFECT YOUR OWN WORLD, IN YOUR CALL TO THE PRESENCE; AND LET EVERY OTHER ONE TAKE CARE OF HIS OWN WORLD;  except to call the “Mighty I AM Presence”, to bless all mankind and that is the Greatest Thing you can do!

We want to make this so clear, so definite, so plain to you this time; that never again, can anything in the world trip you up and cause you to become confused.

The Perfection of the “I AM Presence” is before you, Beloved Ones;  and We are willing to the very limit, the Law of your Being permits, to give you Assistance unknown and unpermitted in the history of the Earth.”

The Great Divine Director

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