understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now Dear Ones, tonight, it is My Privilege to anchor These Streams of Light within your Hearts; and give you the Courage, Strength and feeling of your Ability to call the Release of the Powers of your Presence into action; to set you and your world Free and into Divine Order.

This Service is being rendered for every SINCERE STUDENT in New York tonight; and all who will accept It, will have Its Blessing and Benefit!

One day, you will know We are more Tangible than you are. Our Bodies are Eternal, Wholly Perfect, and We have come from Those Great Octaves of Light, to render This Service to the Earth!

Beloved Saint Germain, Jesus and Kuthumi were trained by Myself, in this Identical Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, which Beloved Saint Germain has given to you, even to the exact Wording and the Application!

That is why We urge you, Precious Ones, to hold closely to the OUTLINE, which I sanctioned in the West for your Group Activities. Hold closely to the Books and the Application they give you; because that carries Our Power and Action into your world, which will bring your Freedom most quickly.

We are not trying to deprive you of any Individual Expression or anything you might want to do yourself; but We know This will produce the Quickest Results for you, and that is why We ask you to do it!

You are quite Free to acquiesce or not; but it is because We know It is the Best and Quickest Means, for you to gain your Freedom that We have asked this, and no other reason in the world!


Don’t make any mistake about that!”

The Great Divine Director

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