understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As This Good Brother called to your attention tonight, let us take that up in the Activity of the Release of the Love from your Presence.

How can it be?  Only by your attention held to your Presence and the call thru your Power of Qualification; for the Power of the Ascended Masters’ Divine Love; to flow forth thru you and out into your world, thru those Mighty Light Rays going forth from the Presence.

Call them into action without limit! The Presence does not limit you, don’t you see that?

You can call the Presence to project a thousand or thousands of Its Rays everywhere to carry out Its Harmonious Activity in the bodies of mankind; into conditions everywhere; into your city, to give the Protection which it needs so much. You will never know how much, I tell you frankly.

Remember, Beloved Ones, and I say this with all earnestness, you now become the Guardians of the Light in New York! The Messengers have fulfilled their part in the United States. The students, as We told them in the West, are now the Guardians of This Light; and those who turn aside from This Stream of Light, will regret it thru the time that is to come.

This Light is True! The Instruction which Beloved Saint Germain has brought forth is True! The Experiences of this Good Brother are True! and there is not a single discrepancy in those books – not one!

If mankind will clear away all viciousness in the feeling, the people would see the Truth which is there; BUT NO ONE CAN SEE THE TRUTH WHOSE FEELING WORLD IS FILLED WITH VICIOUSNESS AND UNKINDNESS!

Love, the Ascended Masters’ Divine Love, is the Open Door to the Fullness of This Truth! Each one must call forth the Ascended Masters’ Love from the Presence, to take command of his or her mind and body and hold Its Dominion!

So tonight, My Joy is Boundless, Oh Beloved Ones, for having the Privilege of rendering This Service to you.

Dear Ones, do you think a thing is not tangible, because you do not see it? Don’t make that mistake, I plead with you! The most Tangible Things on the face of This Earth or anywhere else today, are Those Rays of Light going forth from My Heart into yours!

Don’t make any mistake! I am not speaking of this form standing before you (Mr. Ballard’s).  I am speaking of My Form which stands here by this Good Messenger.

My Form and Light are Limitless and I am not a disembodied spirit, don’t make any mistake about THAT either!”

The Great Divine Director

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