understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today, not only because We who know it, say so; but there are innumerable indications in your physical world, which, if mankind knew how to interpret them, verify the very Statements which have been made throughout This Activity!

The end of the ages is here! Mankind can have Our Assistance by the Call to the “Mighty I AM Presence”. That is the Reason for This Knowledge being released; and for the Great Golden Age coming in quickly, producing Its Perfection for mankind.

The people can cooperate and help bring It in; or they can go on and refuse acceptance of It; and go down in the discord of their own destruction! The choice is with mankind today! The Great Cyclic Law will not wait!

Mankind has been given opportunity, embodiment after embodiment; and now the Great Cosmic Light, a Great Wave of which is sweeping into the Earth on the seventh of this month, says no longer will That Light wait for the choice of mankind! It is sweeping into action!

If mankind insists in allowing the destruction of the world of appearances to act in This Incoming Activity, then hundreds of thousands of mankind will have lost their opportunity.

I trust there is not one of the Beloved “I AM” Students in New York, who wants to take that chance! Now remember, We are speaking Heart to Heart tonight.

Because Our Love is so great for you, who have made earnest sincere effort – in the Acknowledgment of your Presence; We insist if you will stand with Us, you shall not fail – not one! That is how Great Our Love and how great the Love of the Messengers is for you; who were willing to go forth, when they could have been Free!

It seems incredible, Beloved Ones, there could exist among your wonderful civilization today, such viciousness in the feeling of mankind. I speak plainly to you, Dear Hearts, For I want you to feel your Authority, your Ability, your Power, to stand so firmly with your “Mighty I AM Presence”, no longer can discord touch you or your world.

We want you to be Free, but We cannot do this for you! We can help you tremendously! That is what I am endeavoring to do tonight; and I do say in all humbleness, since I began This Activity in San Francisco, the western part of your United States has made enormous advancement. Won’t you accept My Humble Efforts here throughout New York; and never let a moment’s discord touch you or your world again?

Pour out Love and Blessings to all mankind – Oh, no matter what their mistakes have been! Mankind is full of mistakes. Who isn’t? Who shall judge what mistake is greater than another? All is a falling short of Perfection!

Won’t you take that attitude and just let the Power of the Presence pour forth Its Mighty Activity of the Ascended Masters’ Divine Love?”

The Great Divine Director

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