understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want you to realize tonight, if you will, Precious Ones, there is no time in human Life and experience, when mankind has not been guarded by Those Great Ascended Beings and the Great Cosmic Beings! Otherwise mankind would not exist today; because of the accumulation of the discordant creations, which the people have drawn into the atmosphere of Earth.

Their accumulated discord is the so-called astral or psychic world! In it, there is nothing but destructive qualities, generated and brought forth by mankind throughout the countless centuries; ever since mankind turned away from the Acknowledgement of each one’s “Mighty I AM Presence”; and that is many, many centuries ago!

(On December 2, 1939, the Ascended Masters finished consuming the astral or psychic plane over the United States of America; and they removed all the discarnates over America at the same time.)

I would not care to even draw your attention to the length of time; but today, for the first time in the history of the Earth, there has been released This Knowledge of the Ascended Masters in Its minutest detail; so mankind, if the people will take advantage of this, thru their calls to the Presence, can free themselves wholly and completely!

By the Use of the Violet Consuming Flame, they can release themselves from every discordant thing, which they have ever drawn about them. The Individual, who is foolish enough not to wish to use the Violet Consuming Flame, will remain in his chains and limitations.

Without the Use of It, you cannot free yourself from your own creations; and so far as It being harmful is concerned, that is positively foolish; for the reason the human cannot produce the Violet Consuming Flame! Your Presence, Who is All Perfection, is the Only One, aside from the Ascended Masters, who can produce that Violet Consuming Flame.

At your call, the Presence rushes It thru your body and thru your world of activity and creations; dissolving all discordant creations from you and your world. That is the way, It sets you Free and is the Means by which you can, thru the Assistance of your Presence and the Call to the Ascended Masters, so purify your body, the Presence can enable you to make the Ascension.

The Use of the Tube of Light about you is IMPERATIVE today! If you wish to move in your world, untouched by the discordant human creation about you, It is the only way you can do it.”

The Great Divine Director

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