understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Children of the Light, of the One Great Father, the “Mighty I AM Presence”! How fortunate you are after long, long centuries of your pilgrimage upon Earth, in various embodiments similar to this; always reaching out thru the Heart. Yet the intellect has been constantly refusing the Feeling, the Action of the Heart; having forgotten completely that the Heart was the Place of Divine Action.

It is True today, as it was in the Beginning; because your “Mighty I AM Presence” is anchored in your Heart. It makes your Physical Heart, the Heart of your “Mighty I AM Presence” – in action.

As you come to know, that your Presence is above you, then giving it your attention, it brings into your outer world of activity, the Power of your Presence – whose Anchorage in the octave of the human Life, is in your Physical Heart.

Will you be kind enough, Precious Ones, to hold that thought tonight – while I am dictating to you; and feel It earnestly, because it is My Desire to do a Definite Work, while These Words are being voiced to you.

As you know, beginning in San Francisco, I came at Beloved Saint Germain’s Request, to assist the People of Earth. I came forth from My Home in the Light, after having rendered the Service in India, as described in The Magic Presence.

Saint Germain, after working for so many centuries for mankind, determined to try to awaken people again. Every time He would raise them to a certain point, rebellion in the human feeling at the discipline required – for the Release of the Mighty Energy from their own God Presence, would swing them aside.

In Our Discussions, We had to decide what was the most Powerful means, by which This Assistance could be given mankind. I said to Him:

“I am willing to try with You and make a Final Effort, to release the Light within enough of mankind, so the people may have the Blessings, which It holds for them!”

The Light in your body comes from your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” and nowhere else!

saint germain God presence chart

The persons who do not believe the “I AM Presence” is there, as described in this Chart, will remain in their chains. No one may say they shall not do so, if they wish.


That is within the choice of the Individual; but I tell you, never in the history of the Earth, has there been such Tremendous Release of Light and Energy to bless mankind, as is coming forth at this time.

We are not compelling humanity to accept and use This; but We can and do give It forth with Greater and Greater Release of Power and Energy; as the students’ attention to their “Mighty I AM Presence” prepares them for It.

If they will FEEL the Directions given, there is not a thing in the world which can prevent their Freedom, Success, and their Ascension.”

The Great Divine Director

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